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Rio de Janeiro International Half Marathon 2019

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro International Half Marathon 2019

Length13.4 mi
Elev. Gain242.7 ft
Est. Steps31000
Created by Márcio
Rio de Janeiro International Half Marathon 2019 is a 13.4 mile (31,000-step) route located near Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This route has an elevation gain of about 242.7 ft and is rated as hard. Find the best walking trails near you in Pacer App.

Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics

The Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics or IBGE (Portuguese: Instituto Brasileiro de Geografia e Estatística) is the agency responsible for official collection of statistical, geographic, cartographic, geodetic and environmental information in Brazil. IBGE performs a decennial national census; questionnaires account for information such as age, household income, literacy, education, occupation and hygiene levels.

Academia Brasileira de Letras

Academia Brasileira de Letras (ABL) (Portuguese pronunciation: [akadeˈmiɐ bɾaziˈlejɾɐ dʒi ˈletɾɐs] (listen) English: Brazilian Academy of Letters) is a Brazilian literary non-profit society established at the end of the 19th century by a group of 40 writers and poets inspired by the Académie Française.

Carmen Miranda Museum

Carmen Miranda Museum (Museu Carmen Miranda), located in the Parque Brigadeiro Eduardo Gomes (Flamengo Park), is a museum established in homage to singer and actress Carmen Miranda and open to the public since 1976. The museum has been officially opened on the 21st anniversary of her death.The museum exhibits iconographic costumes, including her tall fruit hats and platform-heeled shoes, and artifacts belonging to Carmen, as well as many of her records and films.

Arpoador Park

The Environmental Protection Area (APA) of Copacabana and Arpoador Promontories, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, was created to protect its rocky coast and native plant life species.The APA ranges from Fort Copacabana to the "Girl from Ipanema" Park.Fort Copacabana was inaugurated in 1914 with a mission to protect the coast of Rio de Janeiro and the entrance to the harbour.

Escola Brasileira de Administração Pública e de Empresas

The Escola Brasileira de Administração Pública e de Empresas (EBAPE, Brazilian School of Public and Business Administration) is a Brazilian private higher education institution founded in April 1952 and linked to the Fundação Getúlio Vargas. The School also works as a research institution. Its academic programs include: Undergraduate in Administration, Online Undergraduate in Technological Management Processes (FGV Online), Master of Public Administration, Executive Master of Business Administration, Doctor of Administration and Post-Doctorate in Administration.

Castelo, Rio de Janeiro

Castelo is a region in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, but not officially recognized as a neighborhood, and officially forming part of the Centro neighborhood. It is generally considered to be located in the region between Avenida Rio Branco, the Santos Dumont Airport and Praça Quinze de Novembro. The area derives its name from the former Morro do Castelo in that location, which was demolished by water jets in the 1920s.

National Historical Museum (Brazil)

The National Historical Museum of Brazil (Portuguese: Museu Histórico Nacional), was created in 1922, and possesses over 287,000 items, including the largest numismatic collection of Latin America. The architectural complex that houses the museum was built in 1603 as the St. James of Mercy Fort; earlier structures date back to 1567, erected by order of King Sebastian I of Portugal.

Glória, Rio de Janeiro

Glória is a middle-class neighborhood of the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It is located between the neighbourhoods of Centro and Flamengo, Rio de Janeiro.

Flamengo, Rio de Janeiro

Flamengo is a neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Hotel Atlantico Praia

The Hotel Atlantico Praia, formerly the Ouro Verde Hotel, is a small hotel in Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. At one time the Ouro Verde was considered one of the world's best small hotels, and the restaurant had a high reputation. Over time it lost some of its lustre, but it has recently been renovated.
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13.4 mi

Elev. Gain

242.7 ft

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