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Como Sagnino return

Como, Province of Como, Italy

Como Sagnino return

Length9.3 mi
Elev. Gain744.6 ft
Est. Steps21000


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Como Sagnino return is a 9.3 mile (21,000-step) route located near Como, Province of Como, Italy. This route has an elevation gain of about 744.6 ft and is rated as medium. Find the best walking trails near you in Pacer App.

Casa del Fascio (Como)

The Casa del Fascio of Como (Italian pronunciation: [ˈkaːza del ˈfaʃʃo]), also called the Palazzo Terragni, is a building located in Como, northern Italy, a work of Italian rationalist architect Giuseppe Terragni.Started in 1932 and completed in 1936 under the regime of Benito Mussolini as the seat of the local branch of the National Fascist Party, a Casa del Fascio, this municipal administration building was originally constructed with a primary view of functioning as an elegant "set piece" for mass Fascist rallies.


Cernobbio (Comasco: Cernòbi [tʃerˈnɔbi]) is a comune (municipality) in the province of Como, Lombardy, northern Italy. It is located about 40 kilometres (25 mi) north of Milan and about 2 kilometres (1 mi) northwest of Como, on the border with Switzerland and near the Lake Como. The highest peak is the Monte Bisbino, at 1,325 metres (4,347 ft).

Basilica of Sant'Abbondio

The Basilica of Sant'Abbondio is a Romanesque-style 11th-century Roman Catholic basilica church located in Como, region of Lombardy, Italy.

Breggia (river)

Breggia is a Swiss-Italian river. The springs are around the Monte Generoso and Monte d'Orimento in the Val d'Intelvi at an elevation of 1,389 metres (4,557 ft). It enters Swiss territory between Erbonne and Scudellate, and flows along the Muggio Valley until Chiasso/Vacallo, where it again enters Italian territory, in Maslianico.

Tempio Voltiano

The Tempio Voltiano (Italian; Volta Temple in English) is a museum in the city of Como, Italy that is dedicated to Alessandro Volta, a prolific scientist and the inventor of the electrical battery. Volta was born in Como in 1745, held his first professorship there until 1779, and retired to Como in 1819.


The Cosia is a 16 kilometres (9.9 mi) torrent whose springs are on the slopes of Monte Bolletone (1,317 metres (4,321 ft)) in Brianza, Italy. Its course takes it through the communities of Albese con Cassano, Tavernerio and Como, then it enters Lake Como near the war memorial designed by Antonio Sant'Elia and executed by Giuseppe Terragni.

Villa Olmo

Villa Olmo is a neoclassical villa located in the city of Como, northern Italy.The villa was commissioned by marquis Innocenzo Odescalchi from Swiss architect Simone Cantoni in 1797. As it was designed to be a summer retreat for the aristocracy, it was built alongside the lake. The villa was named after an elm tree planted in the middle of the ornate gardens, which is no longer alive today.

Stadio Giuseppe Sinigaglia

Stadio Giuseppe Sinigaglia is a multi-use stadium in Como, Italy. It is currently used mostly for football matches and is the home ground of Calcio Como. The stadium holds 13,602 people.The stadium was completed in 1927 and was built on precise will of Benito Mussolini. It is named after the Italian rower and war hero Giuseppe Sinigaglia, a native of Como.

Como Nord Lago railway station

Como Nord Lago is a railway station in Como, Italy. It is located in proximity of the lake and a 5-minute walk to the town center.Train services are operated exclusively by Trenord between Como Nord Lago and Milano Cadorna.The station is the terminus of the line from Milano Cadorna railway station.

Porta Torre

Porta Torre (also known as Torre di Porta Vittoria) is a main fortified tower located in the town of Como, in Lombardy (northern Italy). It is 40 meters high and it was built in 1192, to defend the main entrance of the city.
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9.3 mi

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744.6 ft

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