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From Puerto de la Cruz to Bollullo Beach.

Puerto de la Cruz, Spain

From Puerto de la Cruz to Bollullo Beach.

Length5.6 mi
Elev. Gain590.4 ft
Est. Steps13000
Created by Yvonne
From Puerto de la Cruz to Bollullo Beach. is a 5.6 mile (13,000-step) route located near Puerto de la Cruz, Spain. This route has an elevation gain of about 590.4 ft and is rated as medium. Find the best walking trails near you in Pacer App.
The route is about 10km from the old port in Puerto de la Cruz. Starting from there you begin with a flat part of the route, but then quite a lot of stairs to go up. Then the way goes among nice villas, drago trees then banana orchards after which you go down and than up to arrive to the place from which you can see the Bollullo Beach. Rocks and waves and beautiful landscape. On my way back I alternated a bit the route and I took the passage that was constructed from Semiramis Hotel in the direction of Puerto. Then the stairs down, and way back to the old port.
I did not know one could walk there! If we start above the stairs, could I take my mom along? Or is it very steep. Great explanation!
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5.6 mi

Elev. Gain

590.4 ft

Est. Steps

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