Rotas EUA KentuckyBowling Green
Os loops na pista dos amantes

Bowling Green, Kentucky, EUA

Os loops na pista dos amantes

Distância4.1 km
Ganho de Elevação56 m
Criado por Pacer_53_bg
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Os loops na pista dos amantes é uma rota com distância 4.1 km (6.000-passos) localizada próxima à Bowling Green, Kentucky, EUA. Esta rota tem um ganho de elevação de aproximadamente 56 m e é classificada com dificuldade fácil. Encontre mais rotas como esta no App do Pacer.
the loops at Lovers Lane is a set of 2 walking/running trails surrounding Lovers Lane soccer complex. The inner loop (0.7 miles) is paved sidewalk-style in concrete. It circles the main soccer fields, with bathrooms and water fountains at the beginning and halfway points of the trail. There are no real elevation changes through this loop. It may have some shade in 5-10 years when the young trees mature, but no shade at this time. The outer loop (1.6 miles) is a fine-crushed gravel trail that rings the boundary of the park, including the frisbee golf course and outer edge of the soccer fields. It kisses the inner loop along one side of the soccer fields. This trail is about 25% shaded by old growth trees dependant upon time of day.
Detalhes da Rota


4.1 km

Ganho de Elevação

56 m


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