Rotas InglaterraColchester
Campo da estrada de Irvine

Colchester, Inglaterra

Campo da estrada de Irvine

Distância1.9 km
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Campo da estrada de Irvine é uma rota com distância 1.9 km (3.000-passos) localizada próxima à Colchester, Inglaterra. Esta rota tem um ganho de elevação de aproximadamente 0 m e é classificada com dificuldade fácil. Encontre mais rotas como esta no App do Pacer.


Lugar, colocar
Lexden is a suburb of Colchester, Essex, England. It was formerly a village, and has previously been called Lessendon, Lassendene and Læxadyne. Lexden is mentioned in the Domesday Book.Lexden is approximately one mile west of central Colchester. It is home to a public house, the Crown; and St Leonard's Church (Church of England).

Philip Morant School and College

Philip Morant School and College (originally known as Norman Way School) is a secondary school and sixth form with academy status located within the Prettygate suburb of Colchester, Essex. The school is now named after Philip Morant, a local 18th-century historian and archaeologist, who was chosen as namesake a few months after its opening.

Colchester County High School

Colchester County High School for Girls is a selective girls' grammar school with academy status in Colchester, Essex. The school consistently scores highly in the league tables for the UK. It was joint first in the country in the 2018 secondary GCSE league tables, and ninth in the country in the 2015 A-Level league tables.

St Benedict's Catholic College

St Benedict's Catholic College is a coeducational secondary school in Colchester, Essex. As the only remaining Catholic secondary school in Colchester, it has a fairly large catchment area which includes North Essex and is one of the top performing non-selective state schools in Colchester.

Lexden Tumulus


Colchester County High School for Girls


Norman Way

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1.9 km


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