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Loop do Parque Honglingjin (Red Scarf Park)

Distrito de Chaoyang, Pequim, China

Loop do Parque Honglingjin (Red Scarf Park)

Distância2.5 km
Ganho de Elevação3 m


Local tranquilo



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Detalhes da Rota
Loop do Parque Honglingjin (Red Scarf Park) é uma rota com distância 2.5 km (3.500-passos) localizada próxima à Distrito de Chaoyang, Pequim, China. Esta rota tem um ganho de elevação de aproximadamente 3 m e é classificada com dificuldade fácil. Encontre mais rotas como esta no App do Pacer.
This is an easy, paved loop all the way around the lake in Honglingjin park. The loop is the same regardless of which entrance you use. There are some bridges across the lake that can cut the loop shorter if you want. This park is much less crowded and far quieter than nearby Chaoyang park. Has no cars or pedal cars, so it’s also safer for taking little kids. This park has no entrance fee. Some nice views of CBD to the southwest, though a bit far off. Often you’ll see folks here with tripods and telephoto lenses getting shots of the skyscrapers in the setting sun. In warm weather you can rent boats, and there is a big playground for little kids by the east gate (appropriate for ages 2-10, ticket purchase required).
Detalhes da Rota


2.5 km

Ganho de Elevação

3 m


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