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Grande giro a East Goshen Township Park

West Chester, Pennsylvania, Stati Uniti d'America

Grande giro a East Goshen Township Park

Lunghezza1.5 km
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Grande giro a East Goshen Township Parkè un 1.5 km(2.000-passi) percorso localizzato vicino a West Chester, Pennsylvania, Stati Uniti d'America.Questo percorso ha unelevazione di circa 15 m ed è classificato con facile. Trova nuovi percorsi come questo nellApp Pacer.
This route goes around the East Goshen Township Park. It starts at the parking lot near the playground and does a big loop along a paved walking path that goes around the whole park. Hours: Closes at dusk. Facilities: Pavilions - this park has multiple large pavilions. Bathrooms and water - there is a public bathroom. There are multiple water fountains and pumps. Sports fields - there are multiple sports fields here including soccer and baseball. They are not fenced or locked. There are also tennis courts which are not locked. Exercise equipment - the walking trail passes by a pull up bar as well as an area equipped with multiple body-weight exercise items (bars, beams, etc). Playgrounds - This is one of the best playgrounds in the area. Very recently renovated. Large and suitable for all ages. Soft surface. Toddler area. Big sandbox. Zip line. Generally lots of kids can be found here all the time. Great atmosphere. Other - butterfly garden, library box. Events: Weekly farmers market during the summer. Concerts and township events also frequently held here. Transportation: Access from Paoli Pike. Loads of onsite parking.
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1.5 km

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15 m


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