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Gordon River Greenway Park

Naples, Floride, Etats-Unis

Gordon River Greenway Park

Longueur4.7 km
Gain de Hauteur14 m




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Détails de l'itinéraire
Gordon River Greenway Park est un itinéraire 4.7 km (6 500pas) localisé près de Naples, Floride, Etats-Unis. Cet itinéraire a un gain de hauteur autour de 14 m et est classé facile. Trouvez plus ditinéraires comme celui-ci sur lApp Pacer.
This park is located in the heart of Naples behind the Naples Zoo. The main entrance is off of Golden Gate Pkwy, but it has 3 entrances that I know of. It’s a wooden and asphalt trail a mile and a half long, about 3 miles from A to B back to A. It’s basically a trek through native Florida vegetation much like a jungle. It’s peaceful, but be mindful that you absolutely may come across the wildlife they warn you of. I saw 3 snakes within 6 ft the day I was there. People walk, jog, ride bikes and bring their dogs so just be aware. It is open from sunrise until 10 pm. It has restrooms and water fountains, but bring your own water for the trail, you may want it. It’s free and poo bags are provided for your dog feces.
Yes it a nice walk . Naples has lots of paved paths ..
Détails de l'itinéraire


4.7 km

Gain de Hauteur

14 m


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