Rutas InglaterraPeterlee
Castle Eden Dene

Peterlee, Inglaterra

Castle Eden Dene

Longitud4 km
Aumento en Elevación59 m


Creado por Adam Cadell
Detalles de la Ruta
Castle Eden Dene es una ruta 4 km (de 6.000 pasos) ubicada cerca de Peterlee, Inglaterra. Esta ruta tiene una elevación cercana a 59 m y tiene una calificación de fácil. Usted puede encontrar más rutas como esta en la aplicación Pacer.
If it’s an early morning walk, i.e., around 6am to 7am, it’s quite common to see rabbits, especially in a group, but the odd fox on occasions, deer and grey squirrels too, I’ve seen badgers as well entering our back garden sometimes (which backs onto the dene) but usually late at night and foraging for food, usually left over meat that our dog hasn’t eaten. Sometimes you won’t see anything or anyone, especially in the early morning, just the rustle of movement from within the trees, usually rabbits or deer, so not ideal for those of a nervous disposition, especially if you’re alone. Needless to say you’ll sometimes meet someone walking their dog or dogs too of course, or like me just out for the exercise and joggers too on occasions, Nice tree lined areas along some of the route followed by wider, more open spaces and on certain parts of the route, if you wander off the track you can marvel at how the landscape can fall away giving you a hint of just how much of this beautiful area is hidden from view and ready to explore. It’s a peaceful pleasant experience, a minor incline here or there on the trail I use, but nothing exceptional, however if you deviate there are quite a few very steep hills too which certainly need a degree of fitness and stamina. The track isn’t what I would describe as muddy, except in odd places (easily avoided) and obviously only after rain, but even then, it’s generally a well laid track which is solid over 95% of the route. There’s very few seats where I walk so expect to have to find a suitable dry spot and park yourself if you fancy a rest, but at 40 minutes in total, some people will simply enjoy the walk. You’re never far from houses which back onto the dene, nevertheless, they are far enough away not to impinge on the calmness and peace which pervades the area, especially in the early morning.
Detalles de la Ruta


4 km

Aumento en Elevación

59 m


Creado por
Adam Cadell