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Río Tormes River Park (Salamanca)

Platina, Salamanca, Spain

Río Tormes River Park (Salamanca)

Length8.8 mi
Elev. Gain124.6 ft
Est. Steps20000
Created by José
Río Tormes River Park (Salamanca) is a 8.8 mile (20,000-step) route located near Platina, Salamanca, Spain. This route has an elevation gain of about 124.6 ft and is rated as medium. Find the best walking trails near you in Pacer App.

Casa de las Conchas

The Casa de las Conchas is a historical building in Salamanca, central Spain. It currently houses a public library.It was built from 1493 to 1517 by Rodrigo Arias de Maldonado, a knight of the Order of Santiago de Compostela and a professor in the University of Salamanca. Its most peculiar feature is the façade, mixing late Gothic and Plateresque style, decorated with more than 300 shells, symbol of the order of Santiago, as well as of the pilgrims performing the Way of St.

Convento de San Esteban, Salamanca

The Convento de San Esteban is a Dominican monastery situated in the Plaza del Concilio de Trento (Council of Trent) in the city of Salamanca.

Casa Lis

The Casa Lis is a museum located in the ancient city wall of Salamanca, Spain. Also known as Museo Art Nouveau and Art Déco, it is a museum of decorative arts, with exhibits dating from the last decades of the 19th century to World War II.

Roman bridge of Salamanca

The Roman bridge of Salamanca (in Spanish: Puente romano de Salamanca), also known as Puente Mayor del Tormes is a Roman bridge crossing the Tormes River on the banks of the city of Salamanca, in Castile and León, Spain. The importance of the bridge as a symbol of the city can be seen in the first quartering of city's coat of arms (along with its stone bull-verraco).

General Archive of the Spanish Civil War

The General Archive of the Spanish Civil War (Spanish: Archivo General de la Guerra Civil Española) is a specialist archive containing material related to the Spanish Civil War. It is part of Spain's National Historical Archive and is located in Salamanca. The origins of the Civil War Archive, and the decision to house such documents in Salamanca, date back to the 1930s.

Old Cathedral of Salamanca

The Old Cathedral (Spanish: Catedral Vieja de Santa María) is one of two cathedrals in Salamanca, Spain, the other being the New Cathedral of Salamanca. The two cathedrals are joined together.

Royal Scots College

The Royal Scots College (Real Colegio de Escoceses) is a Roman Catholic seminary in Salamanca, Spain for the church in Scotland. It was located originally at Madrid, then Valladolid, and then Salamanca (from 1988).

New Cathedral of Salamanca

The New Cathedral (Spanish: Catedral Nueva) is, together with the Old Cathedral, one of the two cathedrals of Salamanca, Spain. It was constructed between the 16th and 18th centuries in two styles: late Gothic and Baroque. Building began in 1513 and the cathedral was consecrated in 1733. It was commissioned by Ferdinand V of Castile of Spain.


S.A. Mirat, also known as Grupo Mirat (Mirat Group), or just as Mirat, is a Spanish company founded in 1812 in Salamanca, dedicated mainly to production of manures and fertilizers. Nowadays it is one of the 100 biggest companies in Castile and León and the biggest one in the agricultural sector in the province of Salamanca.

University of Salamanca

The University of Salamanca (Spanish: Universidad de Salamanca, Latin: Universitas Studii Salmanticensis) is a Spanish higher education institution, located in the city of Salamanca, west of Madrid, in the autonomous community of Castile and León. It was founded in 1134 and given the Royal charter of foundation by King Alfonso IX in 1218.
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8.8 mi

Elev. Gain

124.6 ft

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