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Lychwood Business Park

Orton Waterville, Peterborough, England

Lychwood Business Park

Length2.8 mi
Elev. Gain147.6 ft
Est. Steps6500
Created by dprabhagar
Lychwood Business Park is a 2.8 mile (6,500-step) route located near Orton Waterville, Peterborough, England. This route has an elevation gain of about 147.6 ft and is rated as easy. Find the best walking trails near you in Pacer App.

Railworld Wildlife Haven

Tourist Attraction
Railworld Wildlife Haven is a charity in Peterborough which has a nature haven, a model railway and other exhibits. It is located on a landscaped former coal storage yard which once served Peterborough Power Station.It was founded by Rev. Richard Paten (1932-2012) in 1985 as the "Museum of World Railways" (MWR), changing its name to "Railworld" in 1992 and is now called "Railworld Wildlife Haven" in reference to its change of focus towards its landscaped nature area.

Orton, Peterborough

Orton is a mostly residential area of the city of Peterborough, Cambridgeshire in the United Kingdom. For electoral purposes it comprises Orton Longueville, Orton Waterville and Orton with Hampton wards in North West Cambridgeshire constituency.

Ferry Meadows railway station

Ferry Meadows is a station on the Nene Valley Railway between Wansford and Orton Mere. The current station has one platform, and has no car park of its own. In 2004, a new station building was added. Previously at Fletton Junction on the East Coast Main Line, the building was dismantled, moved to Ferry Meadows and rebuilt brick-by-brick in its current location.

Orton Mere railway station

Orton Mere is a station on the Nene Valley Railway and is situated between Ferry Meadows and Peterborough Nene Valley, adjacent to the River Nene.Orton Mere provides access to the eastern end of the Nene Park. At Orton Mere, the Nene Valley Railway passes under the Orton Parkway, part of the complex road system built when Peterborough was allocated New Town status.

Orton Community Sixth Form

Orton Community Sixth Form is a consortium sixth form for Bushfield Community College and Orton Longueville School.

Peterborough Nene Valley railway station

Peterborough Nene Valley is a station on the Nene Valley Railway and is the current eastern terminus of the line. Situated adjacent to Railworld, the station can be found west of the East Coast Main Line, close to the Junction of London Road and Oundle Road.The station was built in 1986 as part of the Nene Valley Railway's Peterborough extension.

Woodston, Peterborough

Woodston is a largely residential area of the city of Peterborough, Cambridgeshire in the United Kingdom. For electoral purposes, it forms part of Fletton ward in North West Cambridgeshire constituency.

St Olga Ukrainian Catholic Church

St Olga Ukrainian Catholic Church, Woodston, Peterborough, England was built in 1964, and named for Olga of Kiev. There is a Ukrainian Mission based in this church. The parish priest is Fr Roman Badiak.It is part of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church and the Apostolic Exarchate for Ukrainians while also being part of the Catholic Church in England and Wales.

Orton Mere


Oundle Road, Adjacent Bakers Lane

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2.8 mi

Elev. Gain

147.6 ft

Est. Steps

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