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Svisloch (Trinity suburb-Gorky park)

Minsk, Belarus

Svisloch (Trinity suburb-Gorky park)

Length6 mi
Elev. Gain105 ft
Est. Steps14000
Created by Dina
Svisloch (Trinity suburb-Gorky park) is a 6 mile (14,000-step) route located near Minsk, Belarus. This route has an elevation gain of about 105 ft and is rated as easy. Find the best walking trails near you in Pacer App.

Holy Spirit Cathedral (Minsk)

The Holy Spirit Cathedral (Belarusian: Кафедральны сабор Сашэсця Святога Духа) in Minsk, Belarus is dedicated to the Holy Spirit. It is the central cathedral of the Belarusian Orthodox Church. The cathedral dates back to 1633-1642, when the Bernardine monastery was built, at a time when the city was in centre of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth.

Minsk Sports Palace

Minsk Sports Palace is an indoor sports arena, located in Minsk, Belarus. The arena seats 4,842 spectators and opened in May 1966. It hosts various indoor events and used to serve as the home of HC Dynamo Minsk, of the Kontinental Hockey League, before Minsk-Arena was completed. It also hosted Miss Supranational 2013 on September 6.

120th Guards Mechanised Brigade

The 120th Guards Mechanised Brigade is a mechanised infantry brigade of the Belarus Ground Forces. It is the heir to the traditions of the Red Army 120th Guards Rifle Division which became the 120th Guards Motor Rifle Division in 1957.

Minsk Suvorov Military School

The Minsk Suvorov Military School (MnSVU) (Belarusian: Мінск Сувораўскае ваеннае вучылішча) is one of the Suvorov Military Schools in Belarus and in other former Soviet Republics for military cadets. The MnSVU is a state specialised educational institution that focuses on military subjects and trains students for universities and further military or civil service.

Maksim Bahdanovič Literary Museum

Maksim Bahdanovič Literary Museum is a museum in Minsk, Belarus. It is dedicated to the writer Maksim Bahdanovič (1891–1917).

Nyamiha River

The Nyamiha (Belarusian: Няміга, [nʲaˈmʲiɣa]; Russian: Немига, Nemiga, [nʲɪˈmʲiɡə]) is a river in Minsk. Today it is contained within a fabricated culvert.The first mention of the river in historical chronicles is connected with a disastrous Battle on the river Nemiga, which took place here in 1067, when the forces of the prince of Kievan Rus' defeated the forces of Polatsk princedom.

Gorky Park (Minsk)

Gorky Park (Парк Горкага, Цэнтральны дзіцячы парк імя Максіма Горкага, Maksim Gorky Central Children's Park) is a public park in Minsk, Belarus.It is located near the Victory Square and the Yanka Kupala Park.The park was established in 1800 under the name Governor's Garden. During the Soviet times it was renamed "парк культуры і адпачынку імя Максіма Горкага" (Park of culture and recreation after A.

Trinity Suburb

The Trinity Hill is the oldest surviving district of Minsk; in the past in was not part of the downtown, rather a suburb, hence another name, Trinity Suburb (Trajeckaje pradmiescie). The historic neighbourhood sprawls along the left bank of the Svislach River in the southeastern part of the modern city.

Svislach (Berezina)

Svislach, or Svisłač (Belarusian: Свіслач, pronounced [ˈsʲvʲisɫatʂ] (listen)) or Svisloch (Russian: Свислочь) is a river in Belarus, a right tributary of the Biarezina river. It is 327 km in length. The name is derived from the root -visl- 'flowing,' of Indo-European origin (compare the Vistula River).

Nyamiha (Minsk Metro)

Nyamiha (Belarusian: Няміга) is a Minsk Metro station. The station opened on December 31, 1990. It is located by the Nyamiha Street, both being named after the Niamiha River. In 1999 it was the site of the Nyamiha stampede, in which 53 people were crushed to death.
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6 mi

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105 ft

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