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To the monument, Three Crosses

Vilnius County, Lithuania

To the monument, Three Crosses

Length3.4 mi
Elev. Gain439.5 ft
Est. Steps8000

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To the monument, Three Crosses is a 3.4 mile (8,000-step) route located near Vilnius County, Lithuania. This route has an elevation gain of about 439.5 ft and is rated as medium. Find the best walking trails near you in Pacer App.

Church of St. Anne, Vilnius

St. Anne's Church (Lithuanian: Šv. Onos bažnyčia; Polish: Kościół św. Anny) is a Roman Catholic church in Vilnius' Old Town, on the right bank of the Vilnia River established circa 1495-1500. It is a prominent example of both Flamboyant Gothic and Brick Gothic styles. St. Anne's is a prominent landmark in the Old Town of Vilnius that enabled the district to be included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Kaziuko mugė

Kaziuko mugė or Saint Casimir's Fair is a large annual folk arts and crafts fair in Vilnius, Lithuania, dating to the beginning of the 17th century. The fair is traditionally held in city's markets and streets on the Sunday nearest to March 4 (Feast of St. Casimir), the anniversary of Saint Casimir's death.

Adam Mickiewicz Monument, Vilnius

The Adam Mickiewicz Monument in Vilnius, Lithuania is a monument in the vicinity of the Saint Anne's Church and the Bernardine Monastery, by Maironio Street (St. Anne's Street before 1945) along the shores of the Neris River.

National Museum of Lithuania

The National Museum of Lithuania (Lithuanian: Lietuvos nacionalinis muziejus), established in 1952, is a state-sponsored historical museum that encompasses several significant structures and a wide collection of written materials and artifacts. It also organizes archeological digs in Lithuania.

Genocide and Resistance Research Centre of Lithuania

The Genocide and Resistance Research Centre of Lithuania (Lithuanian: Lietuvos gyventojų genocido ir rezistencijos tyrimo centras or LGGRTC) is a state-funded research institute in Lithuania dedicated to "the study of genocide, crimes against humanity, and war crimes in Lithuania; the study of the persecution of local residents by occupying regimes; the study of armed and unarmed resistance to occupying regimes; the initiation of the legal evaluation of the activities of the organisers and implementers of genocide; and the commemoration of freedom fighters and genocide victims." The centre was founded on 25 October 1992 by the Supreme Council of the Lithuanian Republic as the "State Genocide Research Centre of Lithuania".

Bernardinai Garden

The Bernardine Garden (previously known as Sereikiškės Park'), in Lithuanian Bernardinų sodas, in Polish ogród Bernardyński or ogród Bernardynów is a public park in the city of Vilnius, Lithuania. It is located on the right bank of the Vilnia River between the Gediminas Tower and Bernardine Monastery and it covers over 9 hectares.

Contemporary Art Centre (Vilnius)

Contemporary Art Centre (CAC, Lithuanian: Šiuolaikinio meno centras) – art institution, established in 1992 by Lithuanian Ministry of Culture. CAC has replaced the Arts Exhibition Palace (Lithuanian: Dailės parodų rūmai) and took over its building in Vilnius, 2 Vokiečių street. CAC contains five exposition rooms (total area exceeds 2000 sq.

Church of St. Michael, Vilnius

St Michael's Church or St. Michael the Archangel Church (Lithuanian: Šv. Mykolo bažnyčia) is a former Roman Catholic church in Vilnius' Old Town, on the right bank of the Vilnia River. It now hosts the Church Heritage Museum.

Chodkevičiai Palace

Chodkevičiai Palace is a building in Old Town of Vilnius on Didžioji St. Currently it is owned by the Lithuanian Art Museum.

Cathedral School of Vilnius

The Cathedral School of Vilnius was a cathedral school attached to the Vilnius Cathedral. It is believed to be the earliest school in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. For about a hundred years it was the only Catholic school in Vilnius (possibly due to a royal privilege prohibiting establishment of other schools).
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3.4 mi

Elev. Gain

439.5 ft

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