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Zea Marina - Pirate

Piraeus, Attica Region, Greece

Zea Marina - Pirate

Length4.1 mi
Elev. Gain249.3 ft
Est. Steps9500
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Zea Marina - Pirate is a 4.1 mile (9,500-step) route located near Piraeus, Attica Region, Greece. This route has an elevation gain of about 249.3 ft and is rated as easy. Find the best walking trails near you in Pacer App.

Archaeological Museum of Piraeus

Tourist Attraction
The Archaeological Museum of Piraeus, Athens, Attica, (Greece) contains mainly sculptures, discovered in Piraeus and in the area of the Attic coast from Bronze Age to Roman times

Hellenic Naval Academy

The Hellenic Naval Academy (Greek: Σχολή Ναυτικών Δοκίμων, abbr. ΣΝΔ (SND), lit. "School of Naval Cadets") is a military university and has the responsibility to educate and suitably train competent Naval Officers for the Hellenic Navy. Founded in 1845, the academy is one of the oldest educational institutions in Greece.

Bay of Zea

The Bay of Zea, since Ottoman times and until recently known as Paşalimanı (Πασαλιμάνι), is a broad bay located at the eastern coast of the Piraeus peninsula in Athens, Greece. It hosted the swimming events at the 1896 Summer Olympics held in Athens. A seaport and marina are in the bay. At the ancient times was the biggest Athenian military harbour.

Hellenic Maritime Museum

The first attempt to establish the Hellenic Maritime Museum was in the newly established Greek state in 1867. That year the master of the Navy Gerasimos Zochios, founder of the Navy Retirement Fund, suggested that the Fund takes the task of collecting and conserving objects related to the Greek maritime history.


Freattyda (Greek: Φρεαττύδα) is the name of a residential area in Piraeus, Athens, Greece. It is situated in the southeastern part of the city, near the Zea harbour. The Hellenic Maritime Museum is situated in Freattyda.

Ionideios Model High School of Piraeus

Ionideios (or Ionidios) School of Piraeus (Greek: Ιωνίδειος Σχολή Πειραιά Greek pronunciation: [ioniðios sxoʎ pir̥ea]) is a school in Piraeus, Greece. It was founded in 1847, and it was named after the Greek national benefactor Constantinos Ionides, father of Alexander Constantine Ionides.


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Ο Καλύβας

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4.1 mi

Elev. Gain

249.3 ft

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