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Sentiero del Nord Lykken

Palm Springs, California, Stati Uniti d'America

Sentiero del Nord Lykken

Lunghezza2.5 km
Altezza Raggiunta275 m



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Paesaggio scenico

Creato da Carlos Abrille
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Sentiero del Nord Lykkenè un 2.5 km(3.500-passi) percorso localizzato vicino a Palm Springs, California, Stati Uniti d'America.Questo percorso ha unelevazione di circa 275 m ed è classificato con difficile. Trova nuovi percorsi come questo nellApp Pacer.
This is the trail where Ramon Rd dead ends on the west; at San Jacinto Mountains. This is a scenic trail that goes passed the Museum Trail at the picnic tables. You have to be careful when you pass the picnic table going northward. From the picnic tables I would say around 500 to 800 feet you’ll be descending and encounter a “T” intersection. Go right is where you want to go where you’ll end up at a residential neighborhood. If you end up ascending after passing the picnic tables? You clearly missed the trail, you ended up on Skyline Trail, and that’s a trail you do not want to be at. Back track to the picnic tables and do it again until you see at descending trail around 500 to 800 feet away from the picnic tables. The loop hike is what you want to do when you descend to that neighborhood, and then a city walk back through downtown to return to Ramon Rd. This trail is best hiked between October - March. When hiking this trail make sure to have at least on 8 oz water bottle if you’re going all the way to Museum Trail.
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2.5 km

Altezza Raggiunta

275 m


Creato da
Carlos Abrille
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