Percorsi Stati Uniti d'America CaliforniaCypress
Cypress Park

Cypress, California, Stati Uniti d'America

Cypress Park

Lunghezza0.9 km
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Cypress Parkè un 0.9 km(1.500-passi) percorso localizzato vicino a Cypress, California, Stati Uniti d'America.Questo percorso ha unelevazione di circa 0 m ed è classificato con facile. Trova nuovi percorsi come questo nellApp Pacer.
This is a city park with a .5 mile perimeter with about half of the route unpaved. The grass portion is not too rough and pretty flat so not bad for walking. There is a paved cut through near the kids play area if you want all paved but the distance will be shorter.
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0.9 km


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