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Stevens Trail

Colfax, Californie, Etats-Unis

Stevens Trail

Longueur10 km
Gain de Hauteur308 m
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Détails de l'itinéraire
Stevens Trail est un itinéraire 10 km (14 000pas) localisé près de Colfax, Californie, Etats-Unis. Cet itinéraire a un gain de hauteur autour de 308 m et est classé moyen. Trouvez plus ditinéraires comme celui-ci sur lApp Pacer.
We headed out at 5am to do this hike. We also made sure to bring a lot of fluids because this trail is known to be a hot one that drains your hydration. This is a long trail so be prepared. It was suppose to be a 9 mile hike but we had to cut our hike short to 7 miles because we kind of went off the trail then we had to deal with a dingleberry of a woman who had her dog off the leash and the poor dog took off running so we decided to return her dog to her which was 30 to 40 minutes of chaos....smh...not the poor dog's fault. This trail is very narrow and steep at various point of the hike.This trail also has a ton of mosquitoes so bring bug repellent. For the most part this trail has beautiful breathtaking views! We will definitely be back to finish what we started.
Détails de l'itinéraire


10 km

Gain de Hauteur

308 m


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