Itinéraire Etats-Unis CalifornieLodi
Lodi Lake Nature Trail

Lodi, Californie, Etats-Unis

Lodi Lake Nature Trail

Longueur5.2 km
Gain de Hauteur7 m
Créé par bellaboba79
Détails de l'itinéraire
Lodi Lake Nature Trail est un itinéraire 5.2 km (7 500pas) localisé près de Lodi, Californie, Etats-Unis. Cet itinéraire a un gain de hauteur autour de 7 m et est classé facile. Trouvez plus ditinéraires comme celui-ci sur lApp Pacer.
First time walking here and we loved it. So many beautiful trees and lots of nature totally making you feel like you are in the wilderness. We were even fortunate to see a group of deer right up close. It's not a long trail but you can always double it like what we did. We are planning on coming back. Such a beautiful trail. Highly recommend it.
I walk to Lodi lake every day
Détails de l'itinéraire


5.2 km

Gain de Hauteur

7 m


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