Itinéraires Etats-Unis CalifornieMorongo Valley
Sentier du West Canyon

Morongo Valley, Californie, Etats-Unis

Sentier du West Canyon

Longueur1.4 km
Gain de Hauteur44 m


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Créé par Carlos Abrille
Détails de l'itinéraire
Sentier du West Canyon est un itinéraire 1.4 km (2 000pas) localisé près de Morongo Valley, Californie, Etats-Unis. Cet itinéraire a un gain de hauteur autour de 44 m et est classé moyen. Trouvez plus ditinéraires comme celui-ci sur lApp Pacer.
The West Canyon trail is a moderately easy climb, with some steep areas. After reaching the top of the saddle ridge, follow the gentle slope to a panoramic view of Big Morongo Canyon, where the stream slowly meanders down the canyon. A couple of steep switchbacks will lead you to the canyon floor and an easy walk up to the marsh. Along the way you will enjoy desert plants as they continue their recovery from the wildfire that ravaged the area in June 2005. Mojave yucca, Mormon tea, creosote bush, wild plum , honey mesquite and desert almond are among the. Plants that continue their unending struggle to survive. Springtime brings an abundance of wildflowers to the hillsides below the saddle. Broad carpets of yellow coreopsis and purple chia dazzle the eye. While on the ridge, a watchful and quiet hiker might catch a glimpse of a wily coyote or a shy bighorn sheep on the Canyon Trail below.
Détails de l'itinéraire


1.4 km

Gain de Hauteur

44 m


Créé par
Carlos Abrille