Routen Australien QueenslandMount Tamborine
Mt. Tambo Regenwaldwanderung

Mount Tamborine, Queensland, Australien

Mt. Tambo Regenwaldwanderung

Länge5.3 km
Elevation Erhören190 m








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Mt. Tambo Regenwaldwanderung ist eine 5.3 km (7.500-stufige) Route in der Nähe von Mount Tamborine, Queensland, Australien. Diese Route hat einen Höhenunterschied von ca. 190 m und wird mit fortgeschritten bewertet. Weitere Routen dieser Art findest du in der Pacer-App.
This route can actually be extended or shortened the longer hike the one I went on is much steeper and more challenging, but it you find it to hard you can take the short cut across which halves the length and most of the steep inclines. It has several stair cases including the entrance to the walk, this hike is not suitable for prams or wheelchairs and being a national park they don’t allow dogs.take plenty of water on hot days the humidity is fierce down in the rainforest. You can expect to see lots of rock wallabies, Bush turkeys, and more it’s home to the famous giant golden orb spider which feeds on small birds and snakes but they web above head level so don’t summer you will also see snakes but generally harmless tree snakes and pythons so again don’t worry, the track can also get muddy and slippery after rain and may lead to getting the odd leach or two. I’ve see beautiful black cockatoos huge lace monitors beautiful pythons and much much more it’s so well worth doing I actually do this hike everyday and still havnt gotten bored and I see something new everyday.
Routen Details


5.3 km

Elevation Erhören

190 m


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