Routen Kanada OntarioMono
Humber Heights Lookout

Mono, Ontario, Kanada

Humber Heights Lookout

Länge8.2 km
Elevation Erhören279 m


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Humber Heights Lookout ist eine 8.2 km (12.000-stufige) Route in der Nähe von Mono, Ontario, Kanada. Diese Route hat einen Höhenunterschied von ca. 279 m und wird mit fortgeschritten bewertet. Weitere Routen dieser Art findest du in der Pacer-App.
Map #17 of the Bruce Trail reference guide. There is a parking lot on Mono 7th line just off of Airport rd. follow the access trail east (about 200 meters) to the main trail and head south. Follow the trail till you reach the pond and return. This route has one of the best outlooks in the area just east of the parking lot. The footing here is usually pretty good but it’s quite icy in spots now. Mixed terrain. The pond is very picturesque. Lots of hills. Walk on.
Routen Details


8.2 km

Elevation Erhören

279 m


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