Routen Vereinigte Staaten KalifornienPalm Springs
Shannon Trail

Palm Springs, Kalifornien, Vereinigte Staaten

Shannon Trail

Länge1.7 km
Elevation Erhören2 m




Erstellt von Carlos Abrille
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Shannon Trail ist eine 1.7 km (2.500-stufige) Route in der Nähe von Palm Springs, Kalifornien, Vereinigte Staaten. Diese Route hat einen Höhenunterschied von ca. 2 m und wird mit beginner bewertet. Weitere Routen dieser Art findest du in der Pacer-App.
This is the trail behind Smoke Tree Stables, a bit tricky to find because you’ll have to hike one trail in order to find this trail. Why when anybody decides they want to hike Shannon Trail? You have to hike Earl Henderson Trail or Garstin Trial. If anyone is really determined to hike this trial, you’ll want to make this a loop hike to really get the whole experience. This is why you want to start early in the morning. If you arrive at the summit of Garstin Trail at 9:00 am? That’s perfect timing, 8:00 am would have been better but that will do. Although its mostly a sunny trail, the last 1/3 of Shannon you’ll be in mountain shade. This is why you want to get there early. At the bottom of Shannon you’ll “T” intersect Earl Henderson Trial, which you’ll want to go on next and hike west to return to parking. The best views if you compare Garstin, Shannon, and Henderson will be on Shannon Trail. This trail is difficult if you’re ascending but moderate if you’re descending. Best time to hike this trail between October - March. Always have sun protection and water when hiking any trails on the Santa Rosa Mountains...
Routen Details


1.7 km

Elevation Erhören

2 m


Erstellt von
Carlos Abrille
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