Маршруты США ГавайиГонолулу
Голова кратера Коко

Гонолулу, Гавайи, США

Голова кратера Коко

Даль3.3 km
Подъем Вверх313 m

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Голова кратера Коко это 3.3 km (4 500 шагов) маршрут расположенный рядом Гонолулу, Гавайи, США. Этот маршрут имеет перепад высот около 313 m и имеет рейтинг cложно. Найдите больше таких маршрутов в приложении Pacer.
Begin at the parking area, then walk around the corner of the ball court, and you’ll see the trail on the right side. Take the trail up, and it merges with a road. When you see the stamped concrete bridge on the left, the trail picks up again on the right. This is as gentle of an incline as you will experience. The remainder is a high grade uphill. Steep, constant until you summit. There are areas where the region below the ties are washed out- options: can still balance your way across or take the trail on the right to bypass it and merge above that point. This site has great historical significance, it’s a retired route to a bunker at the summit. The trail is made up of railroad ties. The views from the summit are breathtaking. Bring: Water. Sunscreen. Shoes with good tread. Balance. Some People begin ascending around 4am, to catch the sunrise and beat the heat. Look up ‘Kokonut challenge’!
Детали Маршрута


3.3 km

Подъем Вверх

313 m