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Пушистый парк

Теддингтон, Англия

Пушистый парк

Даль3 km
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Пушистый парк это 3 km (4 000 шагов) маршрут расположенный рядом Теддингтон, Англия. Этот маршрут имеет перепад высот около 0 m и имеет рейтинг Легко. Найдите больше таких маршрутов в приложении Pacer.

Longford River

The Longford River is an artificial waterway, a distributary designed to embellish a park, that diverts water 12 miles (19 km) from the River Colne at Longford near Colnbrook in England, to Bushy Park and Hampton Court Palace. At both points it has outlets to the Thames, on the reaches above Teddington Lock and Molesey Lock, respectively.

National Physical Laboratory (United Kingdom)

The National Physical Laboratory (NPL) is the national measurement standards laboratory for the United Kingdom. Founded in 1900, it is one of the most extensive government laboratories in the UK and has an established reputation for its role in setting and maintaining physical standards for British industry.


LGC Group, formerly the Laboratory of the Government Chemist, is an international life sciences measurement and testing company, which also provides the role and duties of the UK Government Chemist, a statutory role and adviser to the government. LGC also hosts the UK National Measurement Laboratory for chemical and biomeasurement, which performs high accuracy measurements for diagnostics, advanced therapeutics, safety and security, among others.

Hampton Hill

Hampton Hill (initially known as "New Hampton") is a district in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames to the south of Twickenham, bounded by Fulwell and Twickenham Golf Course to the northwest; the road bridge over the railway line; a line southward just east of Wellington Road; Bushy Park to the southeast; and the artificial Longford River to the south and west.

Hampton Hill United Reformed Church

Hampton Hill United Reformed Church, in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames, is a United Reformed Church congregation. Located on 35 High Street, Hampton Hill, opposite one of the gates to Bushy Park, it is a member of Churches Together Around Hampton. Its minister is Jenny Snashall.

Upper Lodge Water Gardens

The Upper Lodge Water Gardens are a partially restored complex of early eighteenth century Water Gardens in Bushy Park, England. Originally built for Charles Montagu, 1st Earl of Halifax between 1709 and 1715 when he was ranger of Bushy Park and lived in Upper Lodge, they fell into disuse over subsequent centuries, but part of the complex was restored in the early 21st century and opened to the public in 2009.

The Water Gardens


High Street Car Park


Hanworth to Kingston Cycleway


Cricket Lane

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3 km