Маршруты США ЮтаСент-Джордж
Блумингтон Хиллз Норт и Парк Ларкспур Луп

Сент-Джордж, Юта, США

Блумингтон Хиллз Норт и Парк Ларкспур Луп

Даль1.8 km
Подъем Вверх9 m
Создано Jareth
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Блумингтон Хиллз Норт и Парк Ларкспур Луп это 1.8 km (2 500 шагов) маршрут расположенный рядом Сент-Джордж, Юта, США. Этот маршрут имеет перепад высот около 9 m и имеет рейтинг Легко. Найдите больше таких маршрутов в приложении Pacer.
I like to stay on the paved path here. This park is usually pretty busy so there's a lot to see, from families playing to dog walkers to people playing disc golf on the 9-hole course. Staying on the path helps to stay out of their way, just watch out for stray frisbees! I start from the parking lot heading North then turn south at the first intersection to go up the little hill there. Its not much, but it's the steepest part of the walk. If you keep straight at all the intersections you'll pass a kids play structure and some Basketball Hoops. Turn left at the Basketball Hoops. Keep straight again through the intersections until you see a sign on your left that says Larkspur Trail. Take a left down Larkspur Trail, cross the street, and you're in Larkspur Park. Theres a restroom here if you need one. After you pass another kids play structure get onto the sidewalk and loop back to the street crossing. Once across the street and back into Bloomington Hills North Park, take a left at the first intersection, this is where you turned to go to Larkspur Park. Keep going straight again until you get to the parking lot. I like to go back up that little hill again then enter the parking lot from the south, or you could skip it and go straight to the parking lot from the north if you like. Happy Walking!
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1.8 km

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9 m