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7.66 mi

Elevation Gain

629.76 ft

Gardners, Pennsylvania

Created by Gary
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AT-Sunset Rocks Loop

Route Details
AT-Sunset Rocks Loop is a 7.68 miles route located near Gardners, Pennsylvania. This route features forest and lake, and is rated as hard.Dogs can use this route.Use the Pacer App to download offline maps and enjoy hiking!
Created by Gary
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Start from the parking area at Fuller Lake and follow the AT trail to Sunset Rocks trailhead (around 2 miles from start of hike). Follow Sunset Rocks trail until it joins back to the AT trail then turn right onto the AT (heading North). Follow the AT trail back to Fuller lake

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Pine Grove Iron Works

Pine Grove Iron Works

The Pine Grove Iron Works was a southcentral Pennsylvania smelting facility during the Industrial Revolution. The works is notable for remaining structures that are historical visitor attractions of Pine Grove Furnace State Park, including the furnace stack of the Pine Grove Furnace.
Pine Grove Furnace State Park

Pine Grove Furnace State Park

Pine Grove Furnace State Park is a protected Pennsylvania area that includes Laurel and Fuller Lakes in Cooke Township of Cumberland County. The Park accommodates various outdoor recreation activities, protects the remains of the Pine Grove Iron Works (1764), and was the site of Laurel Forge (1830), Pine Grove Park (1880s), and a brick plant (1892).

Appalachian Trail Museum

Tourist Attraction
The Appalachian Trail Museum is located in Pine Grove Furnace State Park near Gardners, Pennsylvania, United States, and commemorates pioneer Appalachian Trail builders and hikers including those in the Appalachian Trail Hall of Fame. Artifacts include a 1959 trail shelter from Peters Mountain and vintage hiking equipment such as canes.

Camp Michaux

Camp Michaux was a secret World War II camp for interrogating prisoners of war. The camp northwest of the Pine Grove Iron Works was previously used as a CCC camp that provided labor for state-owned lands (e.g., Pine Grove Furnace State Park) and was used as a summer camp.[2] The POW camp commander was Captain Lawrence C.

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