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3.55 mi

Elevation Gain

42.64 ft

St. Petersburg, Florida

Created by nancibunni
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Beautiful 3 miles

Route Details
Beautiful 3 miles is a 3.56 miles route located near St. Petersburg, Florida. This route features beach and scenic views, and is rated as easy.Dogs are not allowed on this route.Use the Pacer App to download offline maps and enjoy running!
Created by nancibunni
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This beautiful 3 miles you can walk or run. Half is street and back is beach. From Madeira Beach to Redington Beach. An Easy 3 miles. Enjoy

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Madeira Beach, Florida

Madeira Beach, Florida

Madeira Beach ( mə-DAIR-ə) is a city in Pinellas County, Florida, United States, bordered on the west by the Gulf of Mexico and on the east by St. Petersburg. As of the 2010 census, the population was 4,263. The area is primarily residential with little or no industrial or sizable service businesses.

Gulf Beaches Public Library

Gulf Beaches Public Library is located within the City of Madeira Beach. The library serves the citizens of Madeira Beach, Redington Beach and environs as well as Treasure Island, plus member cities of the Pinellas Public Library Cooperative, the unincorporated area of Pinellas County, and visitors. The library is supported by these five barrier island communities, which have combined their resources in order to fund the library.
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