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Elevation Chart


4.31 mi

Elevation Gain

45.92 ft

Wilmington, California

Created by dellislove
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Machado Lake

Machado Lake is a 4.32 miles route located near Wilmington, California. This route features lake and wild flowers, and is rated as easy.Dogs can use this route.
Created by dellislove
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There are many paths to take that are scenic and relatively easy. There are some off road paths in the campground area. There are a few inclines that might be challenging to some but overall a lovely walk

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Harbor City, Los Angeles

Harbor City is a highly diverse neighborhood within the Los Angeles Harbor Region of Los Angeles, California, with a population upward of 36,000 people. Originally part of the Rancho San Pedro Spanish land grant, the 2.58-square-mile Harbor City was brought into Los Angeles as a preliminary step in the larger city's consolidation with the port cities of Wilmington and San Pedro.
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