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6.44 mi

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164 ft

Sandringham, England

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Wolferton & Sandringham

Route Details
Wolferton & Sandringham is a 6.46 miles route located near England, United Kingdom. This route features forest and scenic views, and is rated as easy.Dogs can walk along this route but must be kept on a leash.Use the Pacer App to download offline maps and enjoy walking!
Created by adehlb
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Distance of 10.4km taking in woodland and scenic landscape within the Sandringham estate. Including the picturesque village of Wolferton.

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Wolferton railway station

Wolferton railway station

Wolferton was a railway station on the King's Lynn to Hunstanton line which opened in 1862 to serve the village of Wolferton in Norfolk, England. The station was also well known as the nearest station to Sandringham House, and royal trains brought the royal family to and from their estate until its closure in 1969.
Dersingham Bog

Dersingham Bog

Dersingham Bog is a 159.1-hectare (393-acre) biological and geological Site of Special Scientific Interest Norfolk. It is a Nature Conservation Review site, Grade 2, a National Nature Reserve and a Ramsar site It is part of the Norfolk Coast Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, and the Roydon Common & Dersingham Bog Special Area of Conservation Part of it is a Geological Conservation Review site.


Wolferton is a village in the north of the English county of Norfolk. The village is situated some 2 miles west of the village of Sandringham, 7½ miles north of the town of King's Lynn and 37¼ miles north-west of the city of Norwich.The village forms part of the civil parish of Sandringham, which is in turn part of the district of King's Lynn and West Norfolk.

Wood Farm

Wood Farm is a modest cottage set in a secluded corner of the Sandringham Estate in Norfolk, England. It is sometimes used by members of the British Royal Family.Prince John, the youngest son of George V, resided at Wood Farm from 1917 until his death there in 1919.Divorced spouses of royals such as Sarah, Duchess of York are often put up at Wood Farm during holiday periods so they can be close to royal children without officially being at the Queen's festive holiday celebrations at Sandringham House.

Park House Hotel

Tourist Attraction

Saint Mary Magdalene


Sandringham Visitor Centre


Cat's Bottom


Edinburgh Plantation


Steer Road


Saint Peter's Church


Sandringham Estate

Tourist Attraction

Sandringham War Memorial


Dersingham Bogs Clifftop View

Tourist Attraction

The Royal Station

Tourist Attraction
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