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Coopersmith Park para fora e para trás

West Chester, Pensilvânia, EUA

Coopersmith Park para fora e para trás

Distância1 km
Ganho de Elevação9 m



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Coopersmith Park para fora e para trás é uma rota com distância 1 km (1.500-passos) localizada próxima à West Chester, Pensilvânia, EUA. Esta rota tem um ganho de elevação de aproximadamente 9 m e é classificada com dificuldade fácil. Encontre mais rotas como esta no App do Pacer.
Directions: Coopersmith Park is a beautiful, hidden little park off of West Chester Pike. It’s very difficult to find as the main entrance is only accessible for westbound traffic and the road entrance is small and not well marked. There is a parking lot from this entrance. There is also a back entrance to the park in the residential neighborhood behind East High School, but there is no parking there, so it’s really only useful for residents. It is also accessible by foot from Goshen Terrace apartments. Walking Trail: This park itself is small and the trail is short (about 1km out and back). It is mostly gravel and winds through some muddy terrain. Mostly flat with a gentle slope in the beginning. Natural environment is very serene and has a nice little stream that dogs love. Much of the trail is well shaded. Facilities: There is a nice little playground for kids. Very basic equipment but good for younger ages. There is a large pavilion with charcoal grills for events. Pavilion has a really interesting music station where kids can bang on drums and play chimes. No bathrooms and no water fountains. There are some small grass fields as well, large enough for whiffle ball, badminton or a game of catch. Hours: Closes at dusk Nearby: Walking distance to East High School. Short drive to the Shoprite on West Chester Pike.
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Detalhes da Rota


1 km

Ganho de Elevação

9 m


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