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Garstin Trail

Palm Springs, Califórnia, EUA

Garstin Trail

Distância2.4 km
Ganho de Elevação287 m



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Criado por Carlos Abrille
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Garstin Trail é uma rota com distância 2.4 km (3.500-passos) localizada próxima à Palm Springs, Califórnia, EUA. Esta rota tem um ganho de elevação de aproximadamente 287 m e é classificada com dificuldade difícil. Encontre mais rotas como esta no App do Pacer.
This is the trail behind the mountains at Smoke Tree Stables. A bit tricky to find, you need to go to South Palm Canyon Dr head south, left turn on Bogart Trail, after passing the bridge, left turn on Barona Rd and park anywhere on that street. The trail starts at the end of the street. This trail connects to many trails and is best done early in the morning (before 9 am). This trail has many scenic views, especially at the summit, where you have the City Grid on the north and the millionaires neighborhood on the south. This trail is dog friendly up to 800 feet elevation (guessing). There’s two loop hikes to this trail I would highly recommend, both are a must do. The north loop you’ll want to go on Shannon Trial. The south loop you’ll want to stay on Garstin Trail where it turns right, then go all the way where it ends and go right before Wild Horse Trail. That trail is part of the Goat Trail but connects to Bogart Trail. Garstin Trail is moderate, note all the trails on the Santa Rosa Mountains offer little shade, means sun protection and bring water (8 oz). Best time to hike between October - March.
Detalhes da Rota


2.4 km

Ganho de Elevação

287 m


Criado por
Carlos Abrille
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