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Around Winnona Park a 5K course.

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Around Winnona Park a 5K course. è un 3.26miglia percorso locato vicino Decatur,Georgia.Opzioni di questo percorso camminata in città e sito storico, votato come facile.I cani possono usare questo percorso.Usa lApp Pacer per scaricare mappe offline e divertirti {0}!
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Other than crossing some busy roads, with crosswalks this walk is a pretty typical stroll through and around my neighborhood. Some of the scenery includes stately campus buildings of both Agnes Scott College and the Columbia Presbyterian Seminary .

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Columbia Theological Seminary

Columbia Theological Seminary

Columbia Theological Seminary is a Presbyterian seminary in Decatur, Georgia. It is one of ten theological institutions affiliated with the Presbyterian Church (USA).
Decatur High School (Georgia)

Decatur High School (Georgia)

Decatur High School (DHS) is a high school in Decatur, Georgia, United States. It is the sole high school in the Decatur City School District and was established in 1912.
South Candler Street–Agnes Scott College Historic District

South Candler Street–Agnes Scott College Historic District

South Candler Street–Agnes Scott College Historic District is a historic district in Decatur, Georgia that was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1994. It includes Agnes Scott College, also known as Decatur Female Seminary (1889) and as Agnes Scott Institute (1890-1906), and Little Decatur.
DeKalb County Public Library

DeKalb County Public Library

The DeKalb County Public Library (DCPL) is the public library system of DeKalb County, Georgia in the Atlanta metropolitan area. The library system headquarters are at the Darro C. Willey Administrative Offices in Decatur.Its collection includes over 850,000 books and over 19,000 downloadable e-books; collections of over 400 magazines, academic and scientific journals, and newspapers; and audiovisual materials including videotapes, audiobooks, CDs, and DVDs.

Agnes Scott College

Agnes Scott College (commonly known as Agnes Scott) is a women's private liberal arts college in downtown Decatur, Georgia.Agnes Scott currently enrolls 937 students. In 2006, the student to faculty ratio was 10:1. Eighty-seven percent of the faculty are full-time, and 100% of the tenure-track faculty hold terminal degrees.

Winnona Park Historic District

Winnona Park is a historic neighborhood in the southeast corner of the Atlanta, Georgia suburb of Decatur. It is listed as a historic district on the National Register of Historic Places, but it is not one of the City of Decatur's locally designated historic districts.Winnona Park is located south of downtown Decatur; west of the Village of Avondale Estates, Georgia and the Forest Hills subdivision; and east of Decatur's Oakhurst community.

Kirk Tributary


Shoal Creek


Shoal Creek West Tributary


Sycamore Park


? Park


Delafield Planetarium

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Decatur Fine Art

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Scott Park


Winnona Park


Seminary wood


Postal Pond


The Art of Aging

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Gardens for Peace

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Atlanta Terminal Subdivision

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